The Beginning

I’m not really sure why I am doing this. It is a difficult thing being a girl in today’s world. There are a lot of pressures coming at you from every angle and it can be very overwhelming. I am a junior in college studying Kinesiology. I started out at the University of Colorado, but being from Massachusetts decided it was not right from me, and it was too far from my roots. Half way through my sophomore year I decided to transfer to UMASS. I originally went to Colorado to get out of the shadow of my twin brother, but found myself going to his school again where he had a year and a half to settle in. 

        I have battled weight loss since I was in the sixth grade. When I started my journey I weighed 183 pounds. I joined weight watchers and lost about 30, and fluctuated around 160 for a couple of years. I have always struggled with body image issues, and was always the funny friend that was overlooked. I decided that I was so sick of it that for once I was going to stop saying “if” and I would instead say “when”. I started the ideal protein diet and in 3 months lost 35 pounds which brought me to 131 pounds. This was a number I never even remember seeing on the scale. 

      Living in this world with pressure from the media, guys, your friends, other girls whoever it may be is sometimes extremely discouraging… but if I can say anything and make a person believe it I need you to know that you need to love yourself so that other people can. Looking back on some of the things I said to myself are just so unnecessary and counter productive.

    If you want to change something about yourself, do it. No one else is going to force you because at the end of the day they are too worried about themselves. With that being said, you have to be ready, half-assed attempts get you nowhere. Make little mini goals for each day so that each day is challenging. Remember with the most challenges, you receive the most rewards.

   To inspire anyone from this babbling would be such an accomplishment for me. Most times I am probably giving this advice because I am the person that needs it the most. Take it or leave it and I hope it gives someone that ounce of hope!Image


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