The City Of Change

This past long weekend I spent back in Boulder, Colorado where I had lived for the past year and a half. It was really nice to see all my old friends and my old stomping grounds. I learned a lot from this weekend. I learned that if you have good friends, distance and time mean nothing. No matter how much my friends and I have changed over this past year (which is a lot) our relationships haven’t changed a bit. It is so comforting to know that all over the country I have people that will always have my back. Everything in the city seemed like it changed. Restaurants changed, roommates changed, places where we partied changed, even sidewalks changed. But the memories are always there, and sometimes memories are all you need. I also learned that the universe really is always looking out for you. There were so many things that I wished for in that city that never came to fruition and I could never understand why, because I thought I wanted them so badly. It turns out that those things were not what I needed and that’s why I didn’t get them. Every wrong turn, and right turn led me to exactly where I need to be which is right here.Image








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