Turn….down for what?

Every year there seems to be a new fad in the college world. This year it seems to be the saying “turn down for what”. The semester has ended and my friends and I can all agree that we did our fair share of “turning up”. As the year winds down we all look at the past year and reflect. The theme I have been looking at from this year is the theme of “turns”. Recently some mediocrely bad events have occurred. When I say mediocre, I mean they were bad but could have been a lot worse. Which leads me to the thought of what if I had taken the wrong turn to that wrong turn? How much worse off would I have been? Sure I am in a bad predicament but it taught me a very good lesson without huge repercussions, so at the next turn I will make the right decision. Think back at all the turns in your life… one’s that thought were bad.. were they all that bad? I probably transferred to UMASS for the wrong reasons… but did it make my life right? Absolutely I am in the best possible place I could ever be right now. 

     As the year winds down thank yourself for all the right turns, the wrong turns, and all the turns to follow. Thank yourself for not turning around (unless you’re overeating then definitely turn around 😉 )

    As 2014 comes think about a couple goals :

1. Turn up the fun

2. Turn down the negativity

3. Turn in the right direction for the right reason. And if you make a mistake, have faith that the turn you made will bring you to the right place


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