Victoria’s Secret Angel Workout….?

Since I am done with classes and home and bored, it is time to get my life back under control! It is time to finally kick these last pounds and get the body I have always wanted! I did a new workout today with new music so obviously it was fun!

1.New tunes:

Who doesn’t want a body more like the Victoria’s Secret Angels and less like their own? With the fashion show being last week I figured this playlist would for sure pump me up. Since one of my guilty pleasures is boy bands these remixes kept me fired up all workout long! Definitely give it a try!

The ultimate angel workout” on  This website has a free app that I use almost 24/7! The person that uploaded the playlist is nialljames, so thanks for that!

2. New Workouts

For some reason I never thought that I could run on the treadmill for over two miles which today I learned was yet another limit I put on myself for no reason at all! This workout made me feel like superwoman after (maybe because I ran for forty minutes?) I played around with the intensity levels a little bit because I sometimes felt like when I was going too slow I was getting too bored. This is definitely not my own workout and I cannot take credit for it, please check out this girls blog she is AWESOME!


The toning part of my workout I also did not make up. I did the superset workout. This workout targets everything, and really works your abs! This workout can be found at

The key to getting a toned body is to switch it up everyday! Look for new exciting workouts so your body is always getting shocked, and your brain isn’t getting bored!


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