Oh 2014

In all honesty I haven’t blogged in a while because obviously I couldn’t remember my username to get into wordpress… classic!

Now we are 11 days into 2014, and I can’t help but constantly compare my life to how it was at this time in year’s past. Two years ago I was skiing at my favorite place in the world, Saddleback Maine. I was not enjoying myself at all, and could barely eat because I was days away from ending my first ever relationship. I was obsessed with thinking about the situation. This year, the very same week I returned and was amazed at how much my life had changed. Not only amazed, but thankful that I could laugh at what that boy put me through, and that it actually worked out for the better. I just had time to be with the mountain, my music, and my skis, none of this thought nonsense! Last year,  I was in between transferring colleges and it is crazy to think of how far I have come in 2013, and how far I will go in 2014! It seems like I have had this life all 20 years of my life and 365 days ago from today I didn’t know my best friends, didn’t even know what UMASS looked like. This time next week I will be back at it for another hectic semester. So while I have been home I’ve taken a lot (emphasis on the a lot) of time to make more plans for self improvement. 

Because I haven’t given you guys enough reasons why I love pintrest, here is one more. This year I started off with a “For January” board, and put everything I want to try in that board. The goal is to complete all of these items by the time February rolls around. 

Along with this I have decided to make handwritten lists of goals I have for that month, starting small means more frequent victories and they are easier to reach!

Progress, Progress, Progress

Unfortunately we all have a way of discrediting ourselves. Focusing on the one bad thing about us when there are thousands of good things that we ignore. I want to really try and focus on the good things about myself this year, and not be so mean to myself mentally. If you’re not on your own side, why will anyone else be? So here’s another progress picture to remind myself of what I have done in a year, and to fuel my fire to have an even better progress picture for new years next year! 

2013 has been my best year yet, who’s with me in trying to top it?!





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