Holy Ow

So even though I have been working really hard to change up my work outs every day, they still have the same order. Cardio for what seems like ever, and then legs, arms, or abs circuits after I stretch. While looking for different workouts I have seen a couple cardio work outs that incorporate abs, arms, and legs but I have always been too scared to do them. That is some serious stuff, but I decided why not just give it a little try?

This workout I found was pretty intense and hard for me. But it did make me feel great after! It is much harder to do burpees when you are out of breath from sprints on the treadmill. I’m sure I’ll be wicked sore tomorrow, and am starting to have a pain in my knee so hopefully that goes away!

Try it out, work up to finishing it if you can’t the first time you try it!Image

I got this work out from highheeledrunner.com her workouts are awesome definitely check them out!


Oh 2014

In all honesty I haven’t blogged in a while because obviously I couldn’t remember my username to get into wordpress… classic!

Now we are 11 days into 2014, and I can’t help but constantly compare my life to how it was at this time in year’s past. Two years ago I was skiing at my favorite place in the world, Saddleback Maine. I was not enjoying myself at all, and could barely eat because I was days away from ending my first ever relationship. I was obsessed with thinking about the situation. This year, the very same week I returned and was amazed at how much my life had changed. Not only amazed, but thankful that I could laugh at what that boy put me through, and that it actually worked out for the better. I just had time to be with the mountain, my music, and my skis, none of this thought nonsense! Last year,  I was in between transferring colleges and it is crazy to think of how far I have come in 2013, and how far I will go in 2014! It seems like I have had this life all 20 years of my life and 365 days ago from today I didn’t know my best friends, didn’t even know what UMASS looked like. This time next week I will be back at it for another hectic semester. So while I have been home I’ve taken a lot (emphasis on the a lot) of time to make more plans for self improvement. 

Because I haven’t given you guys enough reasons why I love pintrest, here is one more. This year I started off with a “For January” board, and put everything I want to try in that board. The goal is to complete all of these items by the time February rolls around. 

Along with this I have decided to make handwritten lists of goals I have for that month, starting small means more frequent victories and they are easier to reach!

Progress, Progress, Progress

Unfortunately we all have a way of discrediting ourselves. Focusing on the one bad thing about us when there are thousands of good things that we ignore. I want to really try and focus on the good things about myself this year, and not be so mean to myself mentally. If you’re not on your own side, why will anyone else be? So here’s another progress picture to remind myself of what I have done in a year, and to fuel my fire to have an even better progress picture for new years next year! 

2013 has been my best year yet, who’s with me in trying to top it?!




The 12 Blessings of Pintrest

During the holiday season everything seems to be counted in either 12 or 25. Since 25 is a pretty daunting task I figured I would share the 12 best things pintrest has brought to my life this year. Just this year I have been obsessed with pintrest, and have found so many awesome things on it! 

12. Workouts

Type anything into the search bar that you want. HIIT elliptical workout, leg workout, I even found an awesome plank workout by using pintrest!

11. Shameless amounts of wedding ideas 

I guess I should probably work on finding a boyfriend before I start planning my wedding but every girl needs to admit that their guilty pleasure is secretly planning their wedding. With this having been said if I start hooking up with a guy and he finds my wedding pintrest I’m screwed. 


10. Anywhere Nail polish remover

You can’t tell me you have never had chipped nails, a new nail polish color, and no nail polish remover. There was no nail polish remover in my house anywhere and I figured if there is some sort of magic trick it has to be on pintrest. Sure enough just wet your nails, paint over it (as light a color as you can) and then use a paper towel to wipe both of the coats off! 

9. The easiest cookies you will ever make in your life

Only have 12 minutes to spare and don’t have all of the extra ingredients for chocolate chip cookies? Try these three ingredient cookies! Take 2 eggs, a tub of cool whip free, and a cake batter mix ( I have used about every flavor they are all just as good). Mix this all together put in the oven at 350 for 12 minutes and you have fluffy,delicious cookies! They taste like the tops of muffins! I even put frosting on some! 


8. Healthy tomato soup?!

I LOVE tomato soup so much! But most tomato soups are loaded with creams, and calories. So I found a recipe on pintrest that uses skim milk and greek yogurt instead of cream and it’s really good! 



7. More cookies!!

As I posted about before there are tons of cookies you can make with rolled oats! Mix them with bananas, mix them with pumpkin they are so easy! They are also so healthy so you don’t feel so guilty! Throw some raisins in to make oatmeal raisin cookies or chocolate chips for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! 


I know who would have thought more healthy food masked as unhealthy food to make me feel like I’m not being deprived! But that’s what it’s all about fake it till you make it folks! This ice cream is really easy, and really good. Take frozen bananas, a spoonful of peanut butter, and a spoonful of cocoa, put in a food processor and look at that! Move over Ben & Jerry’s!


5. good smelling face scrub?

When I was wicked bored this summer I decided to try this face scrub. Use 2 tbsp coffee grounds, 2 tbsp cocoa powder, tbsp honey, and 1/4 cup of milk. Throw it in a blender and you have an all natural face scrub that smells really good! This really cleared out my blackheads and left my face very soft and shiny!


4. Delicious holiday treats

Making something from the box is completely overrated, and I unfortunately take pride in making the most original things. So when we were having our friendsgiving this year I couldn’t just buy a box of stuffing and call it a day. I had to make this elaborate sweet potato casserole. But hey it did the trick because everyone decided that was the best dish of the meal 😉 ! 


3. Kale chips 

Ever sit in front of the TV with a box of cheez-its or a bag of chips? You’re not hungry but you feel the need to munch on something? Yeah same, but unfortunately the above two options are not very calorically friendly. So now I make kale chips. Kale is one of the best things for you, and they take no effort to prepare! Throw a bunch of kale in a big bowl, put some olive oil on them swish it around and cook on parchment paper in the oven on 375 until they are crisp! Of course at first salt and pepper on top of them was fine but then I wanted to experiment! I sprinkled a little of parmesan shaker cheese, and some garlic flecks on them. I made my very own parmesan and garlic chips and they tasted awesome!!


2.Weight watchers fo free?!

I wanted to get back on weight watchers for a little bit to work on changing my diet permanently again but did not want to pay for a membership. So i started looking around on pintrest and found this blog that gives you everything you need to be successful on weight watchers! This is the best way to lose weight and actually keep it off! Take it from someone who has tried every diet, and cleanse known to man, this one actually keeps the weight off!


1.Spaghetti squash recipes

I had no idea what spaghetti squash was last year. Now I try to never eat real pasta if I can help it. There is no need, and it almost tastes better. You will have to experiment with methods of cooking, but I prefer to just put half of it in the microwave. On christmas eve when my family had a pasta bake filled with cheese, I decided to make my spaghetti squash and put tomato sauce on it so I didn’t look weird, but spared myself the guilt of all the cheese post meal! So far I have made chicken parm with it, with just plain sauce, and pasta with pesto! Seriously try it people you will not be let down! 

Another Day Another Workout

It seems like I got out of school a lot earlier than my friends, so this island that I call home has been pretty desolate. Lucky for me my only daily obligations are working out, finding the next days workout, and netflix. I am the type of person who needs to be stressed. I need to have a million things going on, or I don’t know what to do with myself. So in order to not go crazy by doing nothing for five weeks I figured why not devote all my attention to getting the body I actually want. Were not talking just a run of the mill new years resolution to get into good old fashion shape, I mean the body I have always really wanted. Since my problem area has always been my thighs I decided it was time to stop doing 30 squats here, and 30 lunges there and actually target my legs instead of doing countless ab exercises. Once again I cannot stress enough how helpful 8tracks is for me. If I hadn’t of had the playlist I had this workout would have been sooo grueling, but thankfully I had Britney Spears to lip sync to (hope the cute guy in the same room didn’t mind). I already feel this in my legs, and am scared to get out of bed in the morning. 

1. Music:

You Better Work, bitch on 8 tracks by Briannalim Ke$ha’s latest, Britney’s oldest what more could you want?

2. Cardio:

I have humungous blisters on my feet from running on the treadmill for 40 and 50 minutes at a time this past week (I have finally decided that I’m not a runner is just a mind game, and I will be a runner). So that leaves the elliptical… the boring old elliptical where sometimes I struggle to break a sweat… Thanks to lovely old pintrest I found a workout that I really enjoyed, it was an interval workout that was challenging but in a different way, and I still burned over 500 calories in 30 minutes (according to the machine-which I know is programmed to over exaggerate). 


3. Leg workout: 

When seeing this I thought it was a lot and that I could probably only handle one round even though the workout suggested 2-3. But I find that if I just start something I will be way more likely to push myself mentally to go the whole way. So once I started I realized I wasn’t going to die and I needed to do two rounds, maybe next time I will do three! 


Get this workout in before the holidays to feel less guilty about all the cookies, and delicious holiday cocktails! Cheers! 

Victoria’s Secret Angel Workout….?

Since I am done with classes and home and bored, it is time to get my life back under control! It is time to finally kick these last pounds and get the body I have always wanted! I did a new workout today with new music so obviously it was fun!

1.New tunes:

Who doesn’t want a body more like the Victoria’s Secret Angels and less like their own? With the fashion show being last week I figured this playlist would for sure pump me up. Since one of my guilty pleasures is boy bands these remixes kept me fired up all workout long! Definitely give it a try!

The ultimate angel workout” on http://www.8tracks.com  This website has a free app that I use almost 24/7! The person that uploaded the playlist is nialljames, so thanks for that!

2. New Workouts

For some reason I never thought that I could run on the treadmill for over two miles which today I learned was yet another limit I put on myself for no reason at all! This workout made me feel like superwoman after (maybe because I ran for forty minutes?) I played around with the intensity levels a little bit because I sometimes felt like when I was going too slow I was getting too bored. This is definitely not my own workout and I cannot take credit for it, please check out this girls blog she is AWESOME! http://fit-personality.com/


The toning part of my workout I also did not make up. I did the superset workout. This workout targets everything, and really works your abs! This workout can be found at http://pumpsandiron.com/2013/12/12/full-body-superset-workout/

The key to getting a toned body is to switch it up everyday! Look for new exciting workouts so your body is always getting shocked, and your brain isn’t getting bored!

Turn….down for what?

Every year there seems to be a new fad in the college world. This year it seems to be the saying “turn down for what”. The semester has ended and my friends and I can all agree that we did our fair share of “turning up”. As the year winds down we all look at the past year and reflect. The theme I have been looking at from this year is the theme of “turns”. Recently some mediocrely bad events have occurred. When I say mediocre, I mean they were bad but could have been a lot worse. Which leads me to the thought of what if I had taken the wrong turn to that wrong turn? How much worse off would I have been? Sure I am in a bad predicament but it taught me a very good lesson without huge repercussions, so at the next turn I will make the right decision. Think back at all the turns in your life… one’s that thought were bad.. were they all that bad? I probably transferred to UMASS for the wrong reasons… but did it make my life right? Absolutely I am in the best possible place I could ever be right now. 

     As the year winds down thank yourself for all the right turns, the wrong turns, and all the turns to follow. Thank yourself for not turning around (unless you’re overeating then definitely turn around 😉 )

    As 2014 comes think about a couple goals :

1. Turn up the fun

2. Turn down the negativity

3. Turn in the right direction for the right reason. And if you make a mistake, have faith that the turn you made will bring you to the right place