Holy Ow

So even though I have been working really hard to change up my work outs every day, they still have the same order. Cardio for what seems like ever, and then legs, arms, or abs circuits after I stretch. While looking for different workouts I have seen a couple cardio work outs that incorporate abs, arms, and legs but I have always been too scared to do them. That is some serious stuff, but I decided why not just give it a little try?

This workout I found was pretty intense and hard for me. But it did make me feel great after! It is much harder to do burpees when you are out of breath from sprints on the treadmill. I’m sure I’ll be wicked sore tomorrow, and am starting to have a pain in my knee so hopefully that goes away!

Try it out, work up to finishing it if you can’t the first time you try it!Image

I got this work out from highheeledrunner.com her workouts are awesome definitely check them out!