Holy Ow

So even though I have been working really hard to change up my work outs every day, they still have the same order. Cardio for what seems like ever, and then legs, arms, or abs circuits after I stretch. While looking for different workouts I have seen a couple cardio work outs that incorporate abs, arms, and legs but I have always been too scared to do them. That is some serious stuff, but I decided why not just give it a little try?

This workout I found was pretty intense and hard for me. But it did make me feel great after! It is much harder to do burpees when you are out of breath from sprints on the treadmill. I’m sure I’ll be wicked sore tomorrow, and am starting to have a pain in my knee so hopefully that goes away!

Try it out, work up to finishing it if you can’t the first time you try it!Image

I got this work out from highheeledrunner.com her workouts are awesome definitely check them out!


This week is not going to be an easy one for me. I have four exams, three on Friday. The last one is from 7 to 9 at night and just so happens to be organic chemistry… It is nearing the end of the semester and this is the last big slam of work for the semester… it is hard to find the positive in this week. And that’s what got me thinking about setting little mini goals for myself this week because what a perfect test of character to succeed when you are overwhelmed. I have decided to set three goals for myself, and odds are if you try every day to get a little better at these you will be a much happier person


1. Use food as a form of energy

Too often we use food as an emotional tool, or an addiction. Food is used to fuel the body. Instead of eating because you can’t stop yourself try and ask yourself if what you are about to eat you need for your body. Definitely eat when hungry, but don’t over eat because it’s there or because you are having a craving, food isn’t going anywhere.

2.Go through the day with the goal to bring at least one person a little bit of happiness

This should be a goal of everyones every single day. Lately I feel like I have been not doing little things because I am scared of embarrassing myself or it being awkward. But the little things add up to the big things and you do not want to regret standing by and watching someone suffer. Next time a stranger sneezes, say bless you. If someone drops something, don’t feel scared to pick it up for them. And if someone judges you for your good deed, or gets mad at you, they can fuck themselves. Start small, and add on every day.

3.Practice grace

This has been one I have been losing sight of lately. I have a ring that says grace on it that I bought when my grandfather died. He always taught me to act with grace even when it was impossible. I am a very high strung person and I feel like sometimes I create someone I’m not because it’s funny to my friends. I sometimes carry on a character that is spastic because it’s funny. But now it’s starting to become part of me. Be kind. Know that everything really does happen for a reason and except things for the way they are.

So while I was distracting myself from studying, adding a few more hundred tasks on my list of things to do for today, I was scrolling through facebook and saw this. How fitting! Really, take a look, and think about these things from time to time! Take care of yourself, and take care of your brain!

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